Titanium Values

We believe in providing quality. We want your experience with us to be full of positive memories, from the time you book to the time you leave for home. We love corners, why cut any?
Every traveler is different and has different needs. We deliver custom FIT tours and custom group tours so that your client gets the luxury vacation they’re looking for.
What you see is what you get. You will not find asterisks all over our page leading you to extensive fine print. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.
We believe in having local contacts on the ground. For that reason we have people in both US and Spain who are available to provide flexibility in your client’s trip.
First Hand Knowledge
We don’t sell you trips to places we’ve seen on a postcard, or at a travel trade show. We’ve played/slept/eaten there. And we have a few polos and hats to prove it.


Jesus Repetto


Born in Sevilla, Spain, Jesus has a passion for luxury travel and marketing. He received his BS in Business Admin by USF, CA & MBA by EAE Barcelona and is a 3-time successful entrepreneur. Being a long time resident of the US, he understands the level of service the American luxury traveler expects. He is a firm believer in exceeding expectations to wow your customers. Because he is local, he is also integrated in the North American travel industry, which enables him to clearly understand the needs of the North American travel advisor.

Luis de Miñon

COO (Spain)

Born in Sevilla, Spain, Luis has a passion for luxury travel and customer service. He received his BS in Business Admin from UNC Charlotte, NC and is a 3-time successful entrepreneur. He runs our Spain office and supervises ground operations. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he had a long and successful career in wealth management. This experience enabled him to create an extensive network of connections, which is a huge advantage when inside access is necessary for your clients.

What Makes Us Unique?

We only sell through you, the travel advisor. With our inside knowledge of Spain and Portugal and your inside knowledge of your clients’ needs, we can work together to create a luxury experience for your clients.
Extensive Custom Documents
We prepare handcrafted, picture-filled, multi-page documents branded with your agency’s logo and information.
Our Quotes
Ability to create quotes in NET US dollars.
US based credit card processing (free of charge and free of international fees)
We are flexible and able to respond even after your clients have arrived in Europe. Sometimes people change their minds once they’ve arrived. We can handle their changes seamlessly from our Spain office. (For example, redoing an entire 10-day El Camino itinerary after the first day’s hike.)
Inside Access
With both owners born and raised in Spain, we frequently are able to leverage our relationships.
We provide you with a simple, personalized booking process. You receive an assigned agent to walk you through the entire process, working with you to create the perfect itinerary for your client, modifying it as needed. During the trip, you will receive email updates about how your client’s trip is going. And the Friday after the trip is complete, we send your commission check from our US office.

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